Get Involved

At any time, The 6th Branch (T6B) is working on a host of initiatives to improve our shared community. There are numerous ways you can be part of this work. Whether you're looking for a one-time project or regular volunteer opportunities, we know that our hearts and hands are best when joined with yours.

Here are some ways to stay engaged in the work of T6B…

Semper Friday

Introducing Semper Friday! The 6th Branch welcomes volunteers to Operation Oliver EVERY FRIDAY starting at 11:00am. This is an All-Call to any volunteers who want to join the OpOliver family and community residents to help us transform our neighborhood's public spaces. On Semper Fridays we will provide an important job to do, the right tools to do it, and the reason why. No speeches, no ceremony, just an opportunity for us to serve the community alongside one another.

  • Spread the word! We know it can seem silly for us to ask you to simply "like" us on Facebook. "Liking" things on Facebook isn't community engagement-is it? But we honestly update our page with new information every day-if not every hour. The nature of our work takes us in many interesting places. We respond with boots on the ground in real time and don't always have the luxury of prior notice. If you want to know what we're up to every day-and when we may need an extra hand or two on short notice-stay connected via Facebook and Twitter. And if you tell your friends, there's all the more chance we'll be able to continue to meet the true needs of our community with an impressive team of supporters!


  • Pass the Hat! The 6th Branch is a network of committed individuals. We will never, ever, ever, ever, never put money in front of our true goal: To positively impact our shared community. That being said, a small donation on your part can go a long way toward this goal. If you find yourself in a position to give $1, $2… $5… T6B is honored to put your donation to work for our community. You can donate to The 6th Branch through our active-giving partners at GiveCorps, or through PayPal on our Donate page.


  • You tell us! T6B has grown intelligently by including all voices in our work. If you have an untapped skill, a powerful idea or a creative initiative, let us know what's on your mind. E-mail Dave Landymore ( to start a deeper dialogue.